We are always interested in supporting organizations which strive to make a difference in this world, however big or small. This past December we had the opportunity to work with an amazing organization called The Water Collective. We were involved in documenting their fifth annual gala which shows thanks to “guardians” for their support throughout the year as well as helps raise funds to support their continued and future water projects in Cameroon and India.

The Gala was held at Union Square Ballroom in Manhattan on the evening of December 4th. Over the course of the night we photographed and filmed over a hundred New Yorkers as they showed their support for fixing broken water projects in the developing world. Clean drinking water is something every human being should have access to and organizations like The Water Collective are making it possible. If you agree, please consider supporting their cause at www.watercollective.org!

Here are a few images from the evening:



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