Workshop Details

Lancaster County, PA

February 29 or March 1, 2020

During this one day workshop we will focus on photographing the mass migration of snow geese that pass through central Pennsylvania each spring on their way to the Canadian Arctic. Peak times vary by season, however in 2018 the population peaked at 200,000 snow geese—the region's highest ever. As timing the peak is quite difficult, the numbers are more likely to be in the double digits, which is still quite impressive. We will also have the opportunity to photograph tundra swans, Canadian geese, various species of duck, and potentially a fox or two. Bald eagles are common here as well.

What to expect:

The day will begin just before sunrise in order to optimize our time spent with the snow geese. They spend a good majority of their day out and about searching for food, but return to the lake before the sun sets. Some snow geese do linger around during the middle of the day, however the light is best in the morning and evenings for photography. We will spend 2.5 hours with the snow geese in the morning, while during the day, we will have the opportunity to recharge our depleted batteries, and review and edit images. This is a good time to take note of what did and didn't work before heading back out for the snow geese returning at sunset. Plan to be out for another couple of hours around sunset. Throughout the day I am available to provide advice and answer any questions you may have.

What you will learn:

As birds tend to be quite erratic, photographing them can be tricky. We will help you learn the ideal camera settings to create images that are tack sharp and work with you on using the available light and different backdrops to create visually appealing images.

Please Note: The arrival of snow geese is dependent on the weather, which is of course, unpredictable. Therefore, the workshop is weather and geese dependent. We will monitor the conditions, and if they are not right we will either reschedule the workshop or reimburse you.