About Deep Focus Images

Hi there! My name is Joanna Lentini and I am the founder of Deep Focus Images.

I am a freelance writer and award-winning photojournalist specializing in underwater and aerial imagery. My work encompasses conservation issues, outdoor adventure, and wildlife photography. In my spare time I am also the COO of the non-profit Oceans in Focus, which delivers ocean educational outreach programs to children. 

My passion for the natural world and photography ignited from an early age and has led me to explore diverse environments around the planet—from the Arctic to the Coral Triangle. After spending many years exploring Southeast Asia and Europe, I am back in the States and now call New York home.

Wildlife remains my deepest passion, and my work both topside and underwater has taken me face to face with some of the planet’s most incredible creatures, ranging from sharks and crocodiles to polar bears and snow monkeys. Through my imagery, I hope to inspire a greater appreciation for the planet and its last wild places.

Photography can be a bit of a lonely journey, but I love connecting with like-minded people to shoot. So if you are looking for some advice or a photo workshop you've come to the right place.

Fun Facts:

I've spent 24 consecutive hours underwater...

And, I've been diving in all 5 of the U.S. Great Lakes in under 24 hours!

I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver and Dry Suit Diver.

In my past life, I was afraid of sharks!

A bit about my background:

I have contributed images and had articles published in various print and online publications including Oceanographic Magazine, Sidetracked Magazine,,, Sport Diver, Ocean Geographic,, ScubaDiver AustralAsia,,, ScubaDiver Ocean Planet, and

It's been quite humbling to receive awards from several international photography competitions and to also be one of a few women awarded in the 52nd Wildlife Photographer of the Year photography competition.