Some of my favorite pieces of gear:

This is by far my favorite lens to use underwater:

Tokina DX 10-17mm fisheye f3.5-4.5 – Canon Mount


  • Nauticam housing
  • Inon Z240 strobes
  • 10-bar snoot
  • Sealux housing
  • Big Blue video lights
  • GoPro Hero3 + 6


  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • ND Filters  – For a cinematic look to your videos

  • Controller Knobs – These little guys are a life saver for anyone who wants a little help making their panning a smoother. I have been known to freak out when I can’t find them! They are cheap enough to keep a backup pair, and I definitely recommend doing so.

Camera Bags:

  • Cinebags – I store my Nauticam underwater housing, laptop, and hard drives in this bag. It is super comfortable to wear, and fits in most overhead compartments on planes.

Outdoor Wear:

  • Microspikes — I will not go out to shoot in winter without this amazing piece of equipment. They allow you to glide effortlessly over sheets of ice.


Dive Gear: 

  • Gull Vader Dive Mask — My favorite dive mask by far! Great for photographing models, but not so ideal for shark dives. The curious predators like it a bit too much ;o)

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While my chrome mask doesn’t seem to be available, they have replaced it with a dark, metallic mask:

But,  TUSA makes a similar mask (M-110) for half the price in chrome: