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Published Images & Articles

Oceanographic Magazine – Issue 3 (Oct 2018) | The Return of Baja’s Mantas

Oceanographicmagazine.com ( Sep 2018) | False Dawn

Fstoppers.com (Aug 2018) | Creating Over-Under Images

Fstoppers.com (Aug 2018) | Fourteen Little Things You Should Carry In Your Underwater Camera Bag

DivePhotoGuide.com (Aug 2018) | The Art of Aluminum Underwater Photo Prints

Fstoppers.com (Jul 2018) | Stunning Orca Whale Video Reveals Unusual Predatory Behavior

Fstoppers.com (Jul 2018) | Five Tips for Underwater Wide-Angle Composition

Fstoppers.com (Jul 2018) | Barriers to entry: Underwater Photography

DivePhotoGuide.com (Feb 2018) | Diving for Cover During the Hawaii Missile Threat

DivePhotoGuide.com (Jan 2018) | A Journey Across the Baja Peninsula with the Pelagic Fleet Team

DivePhotoGuide.com (Oct 2017) | Review of An American Immersion

DivePhotoGuide.com (Sep 2017) | Lembeh Resort and the Value of Muck Diving

DivePhotoGuide.com (Sep 2017) | Underwater Photography Course Review

DivePhotoGuide.com (August 2017) | Photographing Crocodiles

DivePhotoGuide.com (July 2017) | Panasonic Lumix GH5 and Ikelite Housing Review

DivePhotoGuide.com (Jun 2017) | SeaLife DC2000 and Sea Dragon Lights Review

DivePhotoGuide.com (Jun 2017) | Photographing the Sea Lions of Los Islotes

DivePhotoGuide.com (May 2017) | First Impressions Sony 12-24mm and 16-35mm Lenses

DivePhotoGuide.com (April 2017) | Selecting Lenses for Underwater Photography

DivePhotoGuide.com (Mar 2017) | Explorers Club Annual Dinner

MatadorNetwork.com (Mar 2017) |12 Simple Things You can do Every Day to Help the Oceans

DivePhotoGuide.com (Feb 2017) | Our World Underwater Show Report

Scuba Diver Ocean Planet No. 106/2017 | Through the Lens Collector’s Edition

DivePhotoGuide.com (Nov 2016) | Southern Forgotten Islands Diving

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