Earth Day Exhibit at Credit Suisse: Wroclaw, Poland

April 29, 2017

After much hard work on the part of Anna Trojnar-Gibki, an exhibit of my water images was unveiled in Wroclaw, Poland for Earth Day 2017. The exhibit is now on display in the Credit Suisse office at the Green Day Building on Szczytnicka Street.

On April 21, to kick off Earth Day, the bank held an event: “Doing Well, By Doing Good” which consisted of a presentation about responsible investment and an introduction to the exhibit.

The gallery of images will be exhibited through May 5. After which, the images will be auctioned off, and monies raised will go to Credit Suisse’s Charity of the Year, which focuses on children with cancer.

Many thanks to Anna Trojnar-Gibki for her relentless efforts to make this happen!

Image Courtesy of Anna Trojnar-Gibki


Singapore: Elysium Artists for the Arctic Exhibit

April 6, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Ruban Kumar

The Elysium Artists for the Arctic Exhibition opened in Singapore on April 5, 2017 with ocean scientists, Dr. Sylvia A. Earle and, Photographer,  Michael Aw addressing guests and signing books. The exhibition features a collection of images, curated by Rosamund Kidman Cox, Peter Ong, and Miriam Stein Battles. The featured photographs and paintings are the culmination of a three week journey across the High Arctic.

Photo Courtesy of Ruban Kumar

The expedition, which I took part in as a contributing photographer, took place over August and September of 2015, consisted of 66 team members from 19 countries. Some of the members included legends such as Dr. Sylvia Earle, David Doubilet, Jennifer Hayes, Michael Aw, Ernie Brooks II, Wyland, and Leandro Blanco. Along with the other passionate team members this multi-faceted interpretation of the Arctic came together. Painters, cinematographers, photographers, and musicians united to create this body of work In order to generate awareness for climate change––through the arts.

Dr. Sylvia A. Earle and Michael Aw presenting the Elysium book

The exhibit can be viewed between April 5 and April 16 at Ion Orchard (Level 4) in Singapore and will then move on to Marina Mandarin Hotel Gallery (Level 5) through May 8, 2017.

DPG-Prawno Post-Expedition Report: Tiger Beach

April 1, 2017

In March, I packed my bags and made my way to Grand Bahama to dive with tiger sharks. Little did I know lemons, nurse, and even the elusive great hammerhead would make an appearance! It was an epic experience. Read my full trip report on

Here is a recap of the trip in this awesome video by Jeffrey Honda:

LIDA Film Festival

January 28, 2017

Last evening, fellow Sedna Epic Assistant Expedition Leader Renata Rojas and I, presented a short video highlighting some of the expeditions experiences in and around Iqaluit, Nunavut last summer. The video was previewed by attendees of the Long Island Diver’s Association (LIDA) Film Festival at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY.

The short film highlights our all-women expedition team, Sedna Epic, along with Inuit elders and young women as we explore the frigid waters of Frobisher Bay, Nunavut. Through our ocean educational outreach programs including mobile aquariums and ROV operations, our team helps to bring the ocean to eye level for the youngest members of Iqaluit’s community.

Scuba Diver Ocean Planet | Through the Lens Collector’s Edition

January 1, 2017

Several of my images were featured in Issue 106/2017 of Through the Lens Collector’s Edition | Scuba Diver Ocean Planet.

From the Editor: “There’s something about a photograph of a blue whale that keeps you looking, holds your attention. Past the stunning composition and vivid blues, perhaps what makes these images so hypnotic is the fact that it’s of a subject photographed so little, and rarely encountered. This quite brilliant creature – listed as “Endangered” on the IUCN Red List – becomes frozen in time. And for a moment, you feel something for it. That’s the brilliance of a great photograph: its ability to hold a moment and change a mindset. It can inspire a movement, spark an emotion – shatter a stereotype. It’s the beating drum behind the inspiration for putting together this photography special edition. As Underwater360, we’ve tried to build a platform that educates and inspires our readers to get involved with the ocean – the truth is, this ocean planet really is changing for the worst. We believe that by showcasing beautiful imagery and educating the industry on the need for sustainable practices, we can make people care. Our dive show, ADEX, has grown larger than anybody could have predicted, and this 2017 we’re launching Ocean Week Singapore, which is aimed at taking our message further. We’re fortunate to work with a body of incredibly talented people – from photographers to conservationists – who have inspired many to do more for this planet. This photography special edition is dedicated to the iconic underwater locations that have captivated divers since we first began exploring the blue – iconic locations that will mean something different to each of you. Bound together by incredible images, taken in some of the most extreme places, the issue is a testament to those photographers who have pushed the limits to showcase the stunning blue and its inhabitants. Page by page, take a tour of our amazing ocean planet. Live the stories behind the shots, glean new techniques from the experts, and go out and capture the underwater world in all its beautifully chaotic glory.” —Oliver W. Jarvis